Frequently Asked Questions: Rocky Horror Edition

Will Rocky be a live performance this year?

Yes! We have worked closely with our Rocky cast and crew to create a live performance event that we are proud of and comfortable with the level of precaution for the safety of both attendees and performers. While some changes will be made for the performance in order to comply with UGA and Tate Student Center COVID-19 policies, we are proud to host an event that we believe still captures the spirt of Rocky.

What safety precautions are being taken?

In compliance with Tate Student Center policy, masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES while indoors. Seats have been marked off in the theatre for social distancing between patrons, and disinfectant products are available inside and outside the theatre. Theatre capacity has also been lowered to a max occupancy of 100. The first several rows of the theatre will be sectioned off for strictly cast and crew seating. Scenes from the production that, in the past, have involved cast members moving through or into the audience have been amended or removed from the production. Due to the socially distanced nature of the theatre seats, we cannot guarantee that large parties will be able to be sat together. No exceptions will be made for the seating structure regardless of familial or housing status of attendees.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets can be claimed online or in-person through the Tate Box Office. A quick link to tickets can be found using Union’s LinkTree account,

Why are tickets only available to students this year?

Due to limited availability, we have made the decision to prioritize current students for event tickets. We know that Rocky is an event that resonates not only on campus but within the entire Athens community, and we are truly saddened that we will not be able to offer that experience to others this year.

Will there still be a pre-show?

Yes, a pre-show will still be done before each show. However, the games and festivities of each pre-show will be altered to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Can I still dress up for Rocky?

Of course! But make sure your costume includes a mask.

My question wasn't answered here, what do I do?

Further questions may be sent to our email, You may also call the Department of Engagement, Leadership, & Service at 706-542-6396.